The 2022 Team

The Huntington Beach High School Energy Invitational Team is composed of high achieving high school students who are committed to applying thier diverse skillset to the challenge of the 2022 UCI Energy Invitational competition.

Photo of Lucas Ruebsamen

Lucas Ruebsamen

Elec. Engineering / Organizer


Lucas is also the president of the HBHS 3D Printing club, and will use his CAD experience (w/Fusion 360) to help model and prototype mechanical parts.

Photo of Kirin Kunkle

Kirin Kunkle

Mech. Engineering / Organizer


Kirin Kunkle is part of the engineering group leading the mechanical engineering tasks. His group’s responsibilities include the mechanical design of the frame. His team will work closely with the electrical & software team to ensure both meeting safety requirements and optimizing the power-to-weight ratios.

Kirin is vice-president in the HBHS 3D Printing club and a student of Engineering Innovations. He will bring his CAD and engineering experience to the table.

Photo of Cooper Headley

Cooper Headley

Business Administration

Photo of Dylan Zazueta

Dylan Zazueta


Photo of Dean DiCarlo

Dean DiCarlo

Business Administration

Photo of Natalie Kim

Natalie Kim

Business Administration

Photo of Brayden Matejka

Brayden Matejka


Photo of Cory Sand

Cory Sand


Photo of Joshua Dang

Joshua Dang

Business Administration

Photo of Jasmine Dennis

Jasmine Dennis


Photo of Kyle Matejka

Kyle Matejka


Photo of Mr. Raymond Egan

Mr. Raymond Egan

Faculty Team Lead

Photo of Mr. Gene Ruebsamen

Mr. Gene Ruebsamen

Industry Team Advisor