HBHS meets the UCI Energy Invitational

Homepage of the Huntington Beach High School Energy Invitational Team. Our first year participating in the UCI Energy Invitational competition was in 2022. Check out our sub-groups: Engineering, Documentation, Administration.

Looking for Race Day Results?

Take a look here. See you in 2023!



The engineering group is composed of students working on the Electrical, Mechnanical and Software engineering aspects of…

Documentation & Testing

The documentation group is responsible for preparing the final engineering presentation and properly documenting our…

Business Administration

The business group is responsible for marketing and managing the business side of our project. Additionally, they play…

Analysis & Design

We learn about Computer Aided Design (CAD) and creating software based engineering simulations.


We learn and apply Mechanical, Automotive, Electrical and Software Engineering skills.

Management & Teamwork

We learn business administration and management skills working together as a cohesive team.