The Huntington Beach High School Energy Invitational Team would appreciate your donations. Help support local High School students with a Tax-Deductible donation that will help us purchase the necessary supplies to help us suceed.

Donation Benefits

For all donations above $10, we will happily list the donor’s name (if you choose to allow it), on our website. Businesses that donate at least $175 in cash or parts, will receive a listing on our website along with space for a decal or sticker on our competition vehicle (if desired). We thank our local businesses for supporting us!

We need donations of cash and/or the following equipment

If you have any of the following equipment available, please contact us or donate to help us purchase these items listed below in order of importance.

  1. Cytron 30A Dual Motor Driver Board
  2. (2x) 350 Watt Brushed Scooter Motors
  3. 50A Resettable Fuses
  4. 12v Electric Horn
  5. 12v LED Brake Lights
  6. 5 Point Harness
  7. #25 Roller Chain
  8. 2x Chain Tensioner
  9. Arduino Mega Microcontroller
  10. DC 100A 4-in-1 Power Meter
  11. Accelerator Pedal
  12. 14 AWG Copper Hookup Wire - for high current connections
  13. Toggle Switches
  14. 12V LiFePO4 or SLA battery (for separate accessory power)
  15. 2x Racing Seat
  16. Steering Wheel
  17. Hall Effect Sensor - To measure wheel speed
  18. 20 AWG Solid Hookup Wire - for electrical connections
  19. MPU-6050 Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor
  20. Blade Fusebox
  21. (2x) Razor Eco Smart Rear Wheel Assemblies

We will regularly update this list. The last update was on Nov 23, 2022.

How to Donate

  • Please contact us! Charitable Contribution receipts available.

2023 Donor List

  • Your name here!

2022 Donor List

Thank you so much to the following donors:

  • RFT Capital LLC. - Donations of Microcontrollers, Fusebox, Test Wheels, hall effect sensors, wire and axles.
  • OLIC eBike - Donations of eBike batteries and speed controllers.
  • Industrial Metal Supply - $350 worth of frame metal and parts.
  • Dennis & Tammy Ruebsamen - Donations of $350 worth of parts from the above list!
  • Jeff & Shaena Coles - Donations of $350.
  • Kevin Crossett - Donations of Microcontrollers!